Frequently Asked Questions

Please check this FAQ page thoroughly to see if your question or concern has been addressed. Otherwise, feel free to use the contact form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support!


Shipping Inquiries 

What shipping services do you use?

We use USPS Priority Mail for domestic (within the United States) orders. International orders are shipped via DHL Global Mail.

I placed multiple orders within a short timeframe. Can you combine shipping for me?

We always combine shipping costs for our customers - as in, we will refund to make sure you only pay shipping once (we usually do it automatically.) So, feel free to do that speed-checkout to score a limited print and then browse the rest of the shop at your leisure!

Why has my order not shipped yet?

Shipping times vary for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is that Alice can only sign prints in batches as she is not local to our gallery, which is why we ask you to always allow 1-3 additional weeks for processing. Open edition (a.k.a. unsigned) prints will ship faster, but still require some time (up to 10 days, but usually less) for printing and processing. You can contact us for a status update on your order at any time.

Please note that if your order contains a signed print, it may delay your open edition prints as well, as of course we ship everything together. 

I got a shipping notification, but the tracking still says "Pre-Shipment" / has not updated! Did my order ship or not?

Yes, rest assured, if you got a tracking number, then your order has definitely been packed and is on its way. Sometimes even though we have labeled and put out the package for pick-up, the shipping service does not scan it until the next day, amongst other reasons. Please allow at least 1-2 business days for tracking to register (can be longer during the holidays depending on the service.)

My order was damaged / never arrived / I received the wrong product / I am otherwise unsatisfied! What is your return policy?

If your order ARRIVED but something was damaged during shipping or processing, as long as you provide photo proof, we will happily send a replacement at no additional charge. (If the damaged print happens to be a limited edition you may be asked to cut up or send back the print.) Of course, this also applies if you received the wrong print and/or are missing something from your order - if it is our mistake, we will fix it, just contact us.

If your order shipped (you received a tracking number) but DID NOT ARRIVE, this is a bit more complicated as each case is different. We ask that you first and foremost extend us as much patience and understanding as possible - shipping services do experience random delays that are unfortunately out of our control, tracking sometimes does not update for weeks especially during the holidays or they get held at customs for international orders, etc. We have had packages randomly arrive to our customers weeks after the fact! Please understand that once the package leaves our gallery, it is in the hands of the shipping service, and we do not have any more information than you do. That being said, we of course want to be as helpful as possible to our customers, so if you feel you have waited the appropriate amount of time and there is still no sign of your order, reach out to us and describe the situation. If there was a processing mistake on our end, it will be corrected and your order will be re-shipped at no cost. If your order is returned-to-sender, once it arrives we will ship it out again (may be a fee depending on the case.) If it is an issue with the shipping service (a.k.a they have simply lost your package) we may require your assistance to file an insurance claim with them.

Regarding our return policy, in general all sales are final. However, we take customer satisfaction very seriously, so if you have any other quality issue let us know and we will do our utmost to resolve with you.


General Inquiries

What is the difference between limited vs. open edition prints?

Limited edition prints are exactly as they sound: limited to a certain pre-determined quantity, once sold out they are gone for good except for a small AP run. Limited prints are hand-numbered in the corner (e.g. "1/150," indicating the print is the #1 copy out of a 150 edition size.) Limited edition prints may or may not be signed by the artist depending on the release.

Variants are limited variations of an existing print - whether a difference of color scheme (e.g. full color vs. selective color), a minor aspect of the artwork (e.g. a character with a different costume detail), print dimension (e.g. 13x19" vs. an extra large 24x36"), or type of paper (e.g. regular vs. foil metallic). They are usually priced higher due to their exclusivity and typically have much lower run than the regular edition.

APs (artist's proofs) are a subset of a limited edition print release done by a different gallery - they are a small allocation of prints allowed to the artist for a separate, later release, usually no more than 10-30% of the original run's edition size. They may vary slightly as many of them are proofs and test prints. They are priced higher due to their low quantity and always signed by the artist. 

Open edition prints are artworks that are printed on-demand, a.k.a. unlimited quantity, hence "open." Usually available in a variety of sizes and are priced lower than limited editions because they are not exclusive and not signed by the artist. 

The print I want is sold out or otherwise unavailable. Will I ever be able to get one?

An extremely common inquiry! If it's a limited edition and sold out, it is most likely not coming back (beyond the small Artist's Proof run.) If it's an artwork that Alice has not made available as a print yet, there is hope, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter or follow her on social media to be alerted of new releases.

If you are desperate for a piece, your best bet is always to contact us, as we do always keep a few extras in case of shipping damages, etc. You might get lucky! :)